NCAP, the Network Planning Tool, was custom-built for Dialog to empower them with strategic network planning decisions. This essential tool aids in maintaining the network infrastructure and ensuring its optimal performance.

Tech Stack Utilized:

  • Frontend: React
  • Backend: Java, Spring Boot
  • Database: MySQL
  • State Management: Redux, Redux-Saga

Key contribution:

One of the hardest tasks we have faced was to read 14 million records daily from different CSV files and ingest the data into 3 step process sequentially for different calculations. The process was written initially on Java ExecutorService with a fixed pool of threads but due to race conditions and deadlocks, the processing time was huge. To resolve this, I migrated the entire process to the AKKA framework, a concurrent actor- based system, with its capabilities such as multiple actors in a divide-and-conquer approach where each actor can notify its parent of the failure. This solution outperformed its predecessor by 75%.